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THE WAY THROUGH EP - now available on Itunes

THE WAY THROUGH EP - now available on Itunes - Smart Note Records

PALEOSONIK new EP "The Way Through" is out now, available on Itunes digital distribution









Press release for THE WAY THROUGH - EP

Arising from the amidst the virtual channels of collaborative, transatlantic efforts, come Paleosonik. A riveting new act founded through the joint efforts of the Londo-based indie-rock band The Beyond and Los Angeles producer/songwriter Highrise empire.
The fact that all musicians have nevere met in person before hasn't keep them from putting their online-heads together in order to create a string of exciting, beautifully innovative records, culminating with the release of a debut EP, entitled The Way Through.
Whether stirring an experimental hodgedopdge of musical techniques to create a dance-infused indie sound, suche as the the indelibly catchy track Missin' You, or contrasting moder synths with old-school guitar rhythms to create hypnotic lulls, such as with the mesmerizing The Way Through, or even imagining orchestral arrangements over classic sixties song-writie styles, as in the bautifully ruminative A Reminiscence in Gold.
Paleosonik brings forth timeless sounds and makes them new again, in a manner that is sure to fascinate and enthrall. 


Funk the DJ - Bruno Susio

 From the album A Blue Shadow ( the promo video for Funk the DJ

Funk the DJ - Bruno Susio
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Alesya & AVstudio - The night goes by

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Bruno Susio - A Blue Shadow Album

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Wiccan Song - Marie Frifelt & Bruno Susio

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Marie Frifelt - Just around the corner

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The Beyond - Someone to blame EP

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Paleosonik - The Way Through